Version history and change log for mod_gzip

Version numbers for mod_gzip are selected according to the version numbers of the Apache servers that has been up-to-date when the mod_gzip version has been published - for this Apache version at least the new mod_gzip version has been tested.

The additional fourth component of the version number, consisting of a number and a letter, is meant to explain which type of change the new release contains:

Compatability between Apache 1.3.x and mod_gzip 1.3.y is granted in general: The Apache 1.3 API doesn't change any more, mod_gzip would even work together with very old Apache 1.3 versions (the use of which would definitely be deprecated today).
One of the earliest Apache 1.3 versions introduced some internal function for regular expression evaluation; this function is used by mod_gzip (for evaluating the filter rules), therefore mod_gzip would not work together with Apache 1.2.x (if anyone would care about this ...).

New in version

New in version

(Michael Schröpl, 2003-03-21)