Other ressources

Sadly, arrowremotecommunications.com who had originally published mod_gzip have turned away from this product during the year 2002 and removed their product pages from their server. Therefore I have removed nearly all links to their pages from my documents as well.

Sources for mod_gzip 1.3.x.

Besides this, Günter Knauf provides precompiled versions for certain OS platforms:

Sources for mod_gzip 2.0.x

Günter Knauf adapts some existing version of mod_gzip 2.0.x (that has forked from the Apache 1.3 version's development tree a long time ago) to the current Apache version:

Documentation about mod_gzip

The most detailled documentation about mod_gzip known to me is the one you are currently reading. It is also part of the mod_gzip download package and thus might be considered as the 'official' documentation.

Supplementary programs for mod_gzip

Other HTTP compression solutions

Further Reading

(Michael Schröpl, 2005-03-13)